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Each interchangeable end effector delivers at least 6 axes of locking adjustability.

Though similar in appearance to traditional systems, our single round end effector delivers vastly superior performance.

This automatically placed part-locating end effector accurately indexes parts, saving time and eliminating human error.

This 14-axis double end effector tilts ± 90°, enabling parts with vertical features to be held.

Custom milled sub-fixtures are bolted to universal plate end effectors, enabling tremendously complex parts to be held.

This 18-axis triple end effector offers high-density holding capability for areas that require additional support.

Unparalleled Flexibility

AccuLoc6 redefines the meaning of “flexible” tooling. A suite of end effectors deliver 6-axis adjustability and 100% coverage, guaranteed to hold a part of almost any size and shape.

Each end effector is selected, positioned, and verified automatically, drastically reducing manual input, saving time, and eliminating risk.

End Effectors

6-Axis of Freedom

Automated Positioning